The Noricks are growing by 2 feet !

     Many times during the adoption process, the image below of Jesus asking Peter to step out of the boat surrounded the abyss of water beneath him and to Trust God came to mind.  The moment I took my eyes off Christ and his purpose for us, I felt myself sinking deep into anxiousness, fear and despair.

15590448_10210055914907755_5478374656314119067_n16683992_10210509552328407_8810993082967796184_n16728990_10210502609194833_4881538775704328366_n (1)

Malakai has been praying to be a big brother for a long time now and we feel God is saying that now is the time!!     16118037_10210276927832940_1076983717_n.jpg

     We had been in the domestic process on and off since 2008, 7 years prior to being called to China for our precious Malakai.  During that time, we had failed pregnancies and adoptions, we added to our family biologically and adopted a bunny named Paas, and fostered and adopted two fur-baby pups named, Foster and Penny-Ling.

     From early on in our courting relationship, Tim and I shared the same calling to adoption as one of ways we were going to bring children to our future families when we wed.  That desire never faded, but grew stronger as life unfolded.  When Kara had an emergency hystorectomy in 2012, we had already been in the adoption process and never saw adoption as a plan B for us, it was just a clear direction of the path of finding the precious souls who were meant to be in our family from then on.

     We found that as our family grew, so did the fear of never being matched as the wait time was growing longer and the feedback that we found most of the time was,

     “They look like a really nice family, but they already have 4 and I’m afraid there won’t be enough…love, attention, money, space, toys, clothes, etc.”

     This broke our hearts as that is so far from the truth. Love isn’t something that can depleted or used up by having other children, love does just the opposite; love makes more love! When you have siblings for a child, that child is born into a home filled with Forever friends and more love than could ever be measured.

     On Good Friday (April 14th, 2017) We were told that we were to be shown to a expectant mother at 12 noon.  From 12 – 3 on Good Friday we remember the immense suffering and sacrifice that Christ endured for us in silence and prayer.  Prayer that places us at Christ’s feet all those years ago to be with him in his suffering, to help him not feel so alone.  Therefore, we don’t pray for our own intentions during this time.  This was soooo hard as I caught myself on multiple occasions trying to pray for this particular situation during this time as we felt it could really be a good fit.  I dropped to my knees in total surrender praying, “Dear Heavenly Father, you know the desires of our hearts, you know what is best for us.  You also know who our child is and whether this baby is our baby.  I lay this intention at your feet dear Lord; I bring this intention to the cross as I have for so many years.  Jesus I trust in you.  I am here with you now, spanning time and space, you sacrificed so much for me; I am here for you.  In your holy name, Amen.”
Right after 3’o’clock PM I saw a missed call from our match coordinator…it was “THE CALL!”

     When I heard the words, “This is the call that you have been waiting for…” I nearly dropped! I could hardly believe my ears!  Praise be to GOD!!!

photo (1)
Easter was such a time of thanksgiving and abundant blessings!  We shared the blessed news with our family during this weekend.  We were able to feel the true and measurable joy of fulfilled promises and new life ; 2 new lives as my sister, Hannah is also expecting!

We officially signed the match papers the following Friday and began telling others!


     We were told that we were expecting a GIRL and decided to name her, Evalyn Mae Jayleen after my Grandmother, Tim and my Mother’s and Jayleen is the name that our birth mother wanted passed on to our (3)photo (1)

April 27th came a phone call that we weren’t expecting and caught us completely off guard:

Caseworker: “Is Tim around?”

Kara: “No, he is at work till around 6, can I help you with something?”

Caseworker: “Well, I just would prefer for both of you to be here to hear this…”

Kara: “Oh, No, is something wrong?”

Caseworker: “We just received a letter from your expectant mother and she has informed us that a Quadscreen has been done and it came back Positive for Downs Syndrome… Legally you aren’t bound to this match as it wasn’t presented to you in the beginning, but we do need an answer soon as to whether you would like to proceed or if we should work on re-matching your expectant mother.  I am so sorry we didn’t have this information upfront for you.”

I was in complete shock!  Did I really just hear what I thought I heared?!  What were we going to do?  We already have a son with medical needs and this may be another situation of high medical needs… shock turned to anxiousness and that is when I hit my knees in prayer…  I was overcome with a peace that I couldn’t describe, in my heart I knew… This is our baby and I knew that however it ended up, it would be ok.  I just knew that if we didn’t get actual medical forms that could give us accurate information on what to expect, that my head wouldn’t be able to feel the same confidence.

     The next week was the longest week… we felt the need to process but didn’t know what we were trying to process!  We didn’t have any medical forms as the county where our EM is makes it very difficult to get any medical information.  Finally, May 3 came with a glimmer of hope… We received word that a fax of medical information was going to be sent to our Dr. so we could finally have some medical counsel.  If we were going to have a baby with Downs, we felt as though we needed to have more info.  we needed to know what we were discerning.

     That night came a voicemail from the PA at our Drs. office letting us know that the Quadscreen stated that in 1 in 1000 (1:1000) is that average chance of a child having downs.  The Quadscreen stated that the levels of the screen put our pregnancy at a 1:53.  We knew it was not a definite and we knew that God was guiding us and it was going to be ok.  We decided to proceed and felt a newfound peace.

     We received a call yesterday, May 9th, 2017, from our caseworker.  Turns out that on May 3rd, the same day that we received the results of the medical files, that our EM was given a Secondary ultrasound that would help give a more clear diagnosis.

     They said that they didn’t see any sign of Down Syndrome but that there was a chromosomal difference… our baby doesn’t have an XX as we thought… our baby has an XY and is a BOY!!!



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Praying to Adopt in 2017!

16114398_10210273567148925_4742324794088614549_n     After much prayer and discernment, we would like to share with you the next exciting faith journey for us!

     We are praying to Adopt Domestically in 2017!  

We are blessed to have the help of Hope’s Promise during this Domestic Adoption Journey and “Paper Pregnancy.”

Hope’s Promise
309 Jerry Street Suite
202 Castle Rock, CO 80104
(#: 303-660-0277)


     Malakai has been praying to be a big brother for a long time now and we feel God is saying that now is the time!!

We are so excited but we also realize that the best opportunity we will have to be united with our God-intended Birth-parent(s) is through a delegated match; a match made between us and the birth-parent(s) prior to our agency finding them as an agencies reach is a bit more restricted than the love and reach of others and through word of mouth!

     For this, we need your help! If you or someone you know is looking for adoptive parents, please consider our family; you would be blessing us beyond words and if you or someone you know is desiring an open adoption, we also would love to have you as part of our family through the blessed connection of life!

You can also help by spreading the word, sharing our story Start Here: Our Journey/ Our Story, and praying along with us to find the perfect match!

     We were in the domestic process prior to being called to China for our precious Malakai and found that the feedback that we found most of the time was,

     “They look like a really nice family, but they already have 4 and I’m afraid there won’t be enough…love, attention, money, space, toys, clothes, etc.”

     This broke our hearts as that is so far from the truth. Love isn’t something that can depleted or used up by having other children, love does just the opposite; love makes more love! When you have siblings for a child, that child is born into a home filled with Forever friends and more love than could ever be measured.

     Thank you so much for reading this and PLEASE, help us spread the word and spread the love; our arms and hearts are open and ready.



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WE MADE IT! A year! 12 months! I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!

     12 Months, a year… A time-frame that seemed like an eternity when we first arrived home.  We were jet-lagged, exhausted and…well, transitioning.  It wasn’t all roses; often times the thorns were numerous but I wouldn’t trade anything.  I would do it all again to be where we are now, with our precious Malakai.  God was intricately weaving the tapestry of our family with each answer; whether it was what we wanted to hear or otherwise. with each successful surgery, with each moment of bonding and with each moment of complete surrender.  As I look over this past year, it is amazing how sometimes all you need is time and space to see the beauty in even the hard times.  Malakai says it best, “I am happy because you found me and you are my family; I love you guys!”

  We finally were able to drink the Champagne that Tim bought to drink at the perfect moment.  We planned on when we got engaged(in 2004), then married(Jan. 15th, 2005), then when we had our first child (who is now turning 11) and so on and so forth, but it never ended up happening until tonight. New Years 2017! I can not think of a more enjoyed toast with my Love.  We have lived so much life in the last 12  years and we are so blessed to be more deep in love than we were when we were married.  What a wild, crazy, beautiful ride it has been and I wouldn’t change a thing.   

008We were blessed to ring in the 2017 New Year surround with Love and priceless, precious family!007009160159161

JANUARY 6th, 2017

One yeat ago today we were on an airplane and then arriving to China to start the journey of bringing Kai home.  Today h e colored me a Christmas Tree with a Star on the top.  Malakai said he chose red instead of green because green looks like a booger… lol
Yep, he is definitely a boy!


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11th month home & Kai’s 1st Christmas!

December 1st

Today came with a Checkup and visit to Children’s for blood draws. Poor little guy is the hardest stick around; he was such a trooper.  After 5 hours, the ordeal was finally done.

On a positive note, In 7 months Kai has grown 2 inches taller and has gained 3.5 pounds!! Praise the Lord; the miraculous healer!

Malakai thoroughly enjoyed his well deserved donut treat!


December 5th

December 15th

Malakai was mommy’s snuggle buddy after knee surgery.
Kai is such an empathetic little guy. He knows all too well what comes with
surgery and recovery; he hated that his mommy had an, “ouwee.”
Kai loved watching Becki, Isaiah & Nevaeh dance at their recital!  exclaimed,
“Mommy, tan (can) I do dat (that)? I will (would) yike (like) to do dat (that)!”

December 18th

Malakai and Daddy got to spend some special one on one bonding time when Daddy took Kai to, “PAW PATROL LIVE!” And the BELLCO theatre as an early Christmas present!


December 21
Malakai loved hanging up his stocking with Daddy for the first time!



December 24th: Christmas Eve!

We were blessed this year to have Malakai’s Great Grandparents, G.G. Ev and Papa Jim, to share his first Christmas as well as the special gift of having his Godmother, Auntie Elaina, home from mission work in Ireland for Christmas!  We are so blessed. I can never put a price on the bonds and memories that comes with presence being your present. 


~ Best captured family photo ~


The other 100 shots lol (beautiful reality)




Kai made Santa’s “Gingerbread Boy” cookie this year in school;        complete with…um…bow tie… lol


Christmas Eve Pajamas!


December 25th: Christmas Morning!!





Reading Santa’s Thank You letter


Kai found a PAW PATROL DVD in the fireplace…                                                   He said, “MOMMY! I YUV (love) SANTA!”



Christmas Night at Grandma and Papas: Kai loved the time spent, the wonderful food, and then drifted to sleep on his new PAW PATROL body pillow while we watched the Bronco game! 🙂 


December 27th
Christmas Continues at Grandma Patricia/Mapu’s house with more blessed time with family and more wonderful food! 😉 


Kai looks up to his big siblings and tries hard to follow in their shoes…  Here he took it quite literally when he tried on Becki’s new boots. 😉 lol


December 31st

Happy New years Eve everyone!  Malakai was able to ring in the New Year with family and friends…He made it to midnight!  What an exciting night for him!

003005Uncle Ray & Daddy had fun doing poppers with the kids to help celebrate the New Year (New York Timezone; 10 PM) while Mommy enjoyed taking pictures and watching from the quieter inside. 😉  001002006004




May your 2017 be blessed!  Thank you for following along our journey throughout 2016! What a crazy beautiful ride it was!

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10 Months!

October 29th: Mall play-place fun !


 October 29th: Wheelbarrows and Leaf Piles!268-copy267-copy274276266273271272269
October 29th
We had so much fun as a family today and ended with a dinner at “Olive Becki Garden” She is so sweet and creative.

October 30th: Trunk or Treat!




October 31st
Kai & cousin Nicholas got to share their 1st Halloween together!



November 2nd AM
290Fun Cousin time at the new revamped play-place at McDs.

November 2nd PM
Today Malakai got to visit his Papu and his older siblings resting place for the first time.  It was such a special experience and in so many ways a source of closure.  Today was also Tim’s Dad’s 10th year anniversary of passing.  Eternal rest grant unto them oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them; may they rest in peace.  Amen.

November 6th: Mountain Family Fun!





Foster Park Fun!

    Georgetown, CO

November 13th
Malakai was invited to his very first school friend birthday party; Gymnastics to boot! (Solomon is in front of Kai in line.)  Kai was thrilled!


Kai said,” Mommy, Solomon says he is 4 today! I’m going to be as big as Solomon in May when I am 4! …Right Mommy?”

     I answered, “You are going to be the perfect 4 year old Kai sized when you turn 4 May 1st.”  He smiled big and said, “Yep!”  I love his joyful spirit, I pray that never stops.  


NOVEMBER 23rdimg_0003

Although none of my pictures of Thanksgiving made it, I am so thankful for this priceless moment in time.  Malakai and I were on our way to Grandma and Papa’s house to make a Gluten, Soy, Dairy free pumpkin pie and had a wonderful time…and the pie was delicious on Thanksgiving to boot! 😉 


We are so thankful for SO many things.  On this, Malakai’s 1st Thanksgiving, we are reminded that God is so good and we are blessed beyond what we deserve.  Happy Thanksgiving All!

NOVEMBER 30th15232287_10209823923908125_1126382965667448710_n

National Adoption Month comes to a close tonight and I couldn’t let my head hit the pillow without Thanking the Lord for the blessings in my life; especially this sweet and spicy little man here. He has already overcome giant medical obstacles in his short life; this little one is going to move Mountains. I have realized that the only “Special Need” that matters is the special need for his love and the blessing of his life; everything else is just a part of his story. 🌹
Nothing fills my heart more than coming upon my children praising the Lord.  I recorded a video of Kai singing, and as I listened carefully I could hear his sweet angel voice, ” I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus; No turning back, No turning back.”
Amen my Son, Amen.


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9 months home, 3 yrs old & finally a diagnosis and a U.S. Birth Certificate!

October 20th, 2016
When Daddy’s away, the minions will play…or at least make dinner a Sweet Tomatoes night! Tim was in Connecticut for work so I saw a great opportunity to have a Mommy and kid date night to Sweet Tomatoes; Kai was enjoying the ability to eat much of his meal by mouth, we even were able to thicken some pudding for him to have for dessert (as pictured  in his chipmunk poofed cheeks in the picture below, lol)!


Big Sister, Becki prepared the most sprinkle loved thickened pudding dessert either Malakai or I had ever seen…that was one happy boy. lol




Stur Cousins came to join in and had some pumpkin bread and Park fun!


imageimageimageimageimageOctober 22nd
My Childlets joined me at the dance studio while I instructed Zumba today!image

October 23rd
Malakai and Mommy had fun making his “Family book” for school.  It is the sweetest book, I will have to post the end result in coming months after it gets laminated at school.  Since this project Malakai has been praying a very sweet prayer each night;  he says, “I’m thankful that I got a family.” ~Melt My Heart~


October 24th
We finally have a diagnosis for Malakai Jian Rong! We came home 9 months ago (January 2016) and are so thankful to finally have the missing piece solved!  Malakai has a rare form of Opitz G BBB (MID1 Deletion) Syndrome that caused clefting throughout the entire mid-line of his body. The diagnosis doesn’t erase his many medically unique qualities and physical challenges, but it is so grounding and peace giving to have an actual answer.  We celebrated tonight with a hearty helping of pot-stickers and stir fry (didn’t turn out too bad I must admit. 😋)image



What a blessed time it was to have all the siblings so happy for Malakai & his new found knowledge!  That leap of faith that we made a year ago last October while not knowing what exactly his conditions were or what they entailed and deciding to trust God’s will is no longer question marks.  Praise God!  It has been such a huge confirmation that if God calls you to it, he will help you through it and will bless you tenfold with graces during the journey.  We can not imagine our lives without the  love of our  little Apple, Kai.

October 25th

Malakai and I had such a special day together at Children’s. They did a Bronco tailgate and after the genetics appointment we went on a lunch date together at the hospital café; the food was actually quite tasty😜! Malakai had a PB&J and I enjoyed the hardiest Cobb salad o have ever had; seriously there had to be almost twelve deli thick slices of cold-cuts/cheese on top!


Malakai wasn’t so sure about the giant orange pom pom, but once he offered him knuckles & he realized that “it” was a man in a costume, he thought he was pretty funny!

imageMy Handsome Lunch Dateimage

I will post a follow up post with more information and I pray a bit more clarity about his syndrome but as for now I don’t want what he has to overshadow who he is and the blessing of the 9th month celebrated! Wow! Can you believe it?! 9 months! In some ways it seems that it should be longer and on the other hand it feels like only yesterday I was looking at the pictures and videos of his precious face for the first time on his file.

God is so good!

Also today, October 25th, brought another HUGE milestone that we have been waiting and praying for… 
     After a marathon of Mommy distraction tactics at the Vital Records office…

070071069Malakai Jian Rong Norick FINALLY has a Colorado, US, Birth Certificate!!! 073

What a day of answered prayer! 

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8 Months, 244days, and an immeasurable amount of blessings.

 Kai, Dawsyn, Caleb and James enjoy Story Hour and Crafts at the Library on off days of school;  What special memories and bonds are being made.imageimageimageimageimage

Watching Auntie Elaina (Godmothr) be assigned her team and assignment in Ireland, via internet stream! imageSeptember 3rd, 2016: What I thought was a snuggle boy earlier this morning turned into a sick little man. Looks like poor Kai man has strep. I am so thankful and blessed to have such an attentive pediatrician who will give guidance and care whenever you are in need. So a day of penicillin and “Pat pat” (Little Einstein) are in order.imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Silliness is key to a happy life 😉 imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Kai got sick during mass and was all but pleased about the idea of wearing a wet shirt after I washed it in the sink.  A woman overheard and set out to find a shirt for Malakai.  A sweet woman, who is a part of a crocheting ministry at church,  donated a sweater and hat to Malakai so he could be clean and content for the remainder of mass.
What a blessing of generosity. 

September 6th, 2016: Due to Malakai’s vomiting from his strep, he ruptured some blood blisters that had been created by his G-tube button pinching the lining of his inner stomach wall.  We were so thankful that the bleeding wasn’t due to something more serious!

September 7th, 2016: Kai’s first day of (Pre-K3) school!imageimage


Malakai was so excited to see his very own hook and  backpack added to the wall of packs!


A dear friend sent Malakai a special “First day of school” gift of a scentsy Panda bear whom he named, “Liam.”  Malakai loves it and it calms him after school so nicely.imageimage

September 9th: Daddy has been able to take every other Friday off and spend the afternoon bonding with his little “Kai Guy.”  This special time has truly been an immense blessing for their budding relationship as father and son.

September 11th, 2016: I love my family and was so blessed to be loved by 5 children here on earth and 6 children up in heaven on my birthday as I turned… ??Can you guess??



Bestie Brunch… That is a good lookin’ bunch of boys. 🙂imageimage

September 16th, 2016: Lockheed day at Elitches!



September 24th, 2016: Fun Filled Family time at White Fenced Farm!  I love my barn animals! 😉 



Above : Feeding the ducks and  Below:                                        * Cow (Becki, 9)     * Horse (Elijah, 10)    * Goat (Isaiah, 6)   * Pig (Kai, 3)          * Lamb (Nevaeh, 5)


September 25th: Malakai’s first time picking out his clothes and getting himself dressed!  He even wet down his bedhead to  make a hairdo! image



Enough with the Pictures Mom-arazzi! lol


Kai’s  idea of tying his shoe…hmmm…lol


September 25th :
Papa took us to Elitches as a family! So much fun!image

Photographs by Malakai imageimageimage



Auntie Hannah’s Birthday celebration was so much fun!


Photographs by Malakaiimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Crafting Cousins…
The boys had a blast, the step stool turned out great and it “only” took us an hour or so…give or take! 😉 😉

September 28th, 2016: Malakai’s first ever field trip! We had a blast at the Littleton History Museum with Kai’s class!  We had fun riding the bus, seeing the animals and sights, learning a lot about the Bemis family and Littleton as were blessed that the weather was beautiful to boot!img_4673img_4677img_4679img_4681img_4682img_4683

img_4685img_4686img_4688img_4690img_4691img_4692Sueee Pig Pig Pig…Man those were BIG PIGS!img_4693img_4696






I asked them to say, “Stinky Feet!”                                            So Kai was trying to show me his feet! lol




Kai had a great day and a great Month!

Thank you for following Malakai’s journey!


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